We specialize in structuring pre-public companies. Whether structured through a reverse merger, IPO, shell, spinoff or any other kind of pre-public vehicle, we will work with your group.

Over the years we have found that most entrepreneurs and start-up groups have very good ideas, but really don’t understand their realities and complexities. There are serious potential pitfalls if a deal is not structured air tight and intelligently. Our process normally includes some of the following:

1. We get to know you as the Founder and your founding group.
2. We help you to understand your product, market, competition, capital requirements, future operating cash flows and other appropriate parameters.
3. We build a detailed model of an industry income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. We then explain the required operating structure you must reach; your trigger points, future management talent, budgeting, legalities etc.
4. We help educate one another. Our team works with your team.
5. We will advise your group on capital structure: shares outstanding, issued and authorized. The ideal is to have the fewest shares outstanding. Balancing shares outstanding against a realistic future stock price is where the rubber hits the road.
6. We calculate different scenarios including anticipated share price at the time of trading, warrant tranches, Founder’s stock percentages, amount of cash to be raised, how many rounds of capital may be needed, how much capital is needed, anticipated share prices per round, and other financial matters.
7. Our Business Plans go hand in hand with a pre-public deal. They are a must. They will help you raise the necessary cash to fund your deal.
8. We introduce you to our highly experienced SEC counsel; or we will work with your SEC counsel.
9. Preparing your corporate documents is the singularly most important step in the process. These documents must be SEC, FINRA and regulatory compliant.
10. At the time your stock begins to trade, we offer our IR Research Reports and distribution solutions.
11. Ours is a soup to nuts process. We know the roadmap. Our experience is maximum.

Pre-Public Company Structuring

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